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Auntie E-mail knows everything about the internet, electronic mail, voice mail, Gazette mail, and you. She can solve your problem, and will respond to your correspondence in her column.  Feel free to contact Auntie E-mail care of the Gazette, or electronically (see below).

Auntie E-mail's Columns

  1. Introduction to Auntie E-mail (1999.09.15)
  2. Health Hazards of E-mail (1999.09.29)
  3. Auntie E-mail's Cousin Ivy (1999.10.06)
  4. Auntie E-mail Responds (1999.10.20)
  5. Filters are not just for coffee and furnaces (1999.11.03)
  6. I'm attached to e-mail (1999.11.17)
  7. Winks, smiles, and frowns (1999.12.01)

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