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What is an ePortfolio ?

Electronic Portfolios are an archive of one’s work, achievements, ideas, thoughts and feelings which reflect an individual’s intellectual, emotional and social developments- in essence, they are a document of an individual’s learning over time. Having students create an ePortfolio supports a holistic approach to learning which moves students beyond simply attaining a grade in a course to being able to clearly articulate what they have learned as well as to identify areas for improvement or further learning. This approach to learning implies that students will reflect on their own learning and by doing so will be able to better integrate their various learning experiences.

ePortfolios at the University of Waterloo

Currently, here at the University of Waterloo, there are several ePortfolio pilot projects underway. We are using the KEEP Toolkit as a means for creating online ePortfolios because of its relative ease-of-use. Coupled with this is the notion this tool enables students' individual ePortfolios to be shared online, and not with with the world at large until the students feel ready to do so. Here is an illustrated UW Quickstart Guide (MS Word).

The University of Waterloo’s Competency Portfolio project seeks to help students connect their learning experiences in a variety of different contexts (academic, workplace and community) to demonstrate competency in a given domain(s). We know that students learn skills in these different contexts. The ePortfolio provides them with the opportunity to articulate and connect their learning in many different ways. Most importantly, their ePortfolios will allow them to not only “show” but to demonstrate concretely what they know to the world.