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Joint Honours Programs with Mathematics

A 'Joint Honours with Mathematics' program is available for Honours students in other faculties in conjunction with any discipline 'Z', in a faculty other than Mathematics, that chooses to make a 'Joint Honours Z with Mathematics' designation available to its students. Students interested in a particular discipline should consult with the department concerned for specific course requirements.

The Faculty of Mathematics course requirements consist of a total of 14 math half-credits with a minimum average of 60%. These overall requirements must include the following specific courses:

All of
MATH 135 Algebra
MATH 136 Linear Algebra 1
MATH 137 Calculus 1
MATH 138 Calculus 2
MATH 235 Linear Algebra 2
MATH 237 Calculus 3

All of
STAT 230 Probability
STAT 231 Statistics

One pair of
CS 102 Introduction to Programming for Scientific Applications
CS 212 Programming Principles and Practice
CS 112 Introduction to Computer Programming
CS 212 Programming Principles and Practice
CS 212 Programming Principles and Practice
CS 230 Introduction to Computers and Computer Systems

Four additional math half-credits which qualify for BMath degree credit.

Students wishing to specialize in one particular area of mathematics should consult the Undergraduate Advisor of the appropriate department in the Faculty of Mathematics for advice in selecting their 'additional' math half-credits.


Courses listed above must be taken as specified through the Faculty of Mathematics. Exceptions for students who have transferred from other universities will be considered by the Faculty of Mathematics. Such students should put their requests in writing, provide course descriptions, and submit the request to the Mathematics Undergrad Office, MC 5115.

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