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WATgreen is an educational initiative for the students AND the University. Not only does it further the goal of campus sustainability, but it gives students the experience of working within the framework of a large institution, as well as, valuable, marketable skills to affect change when they leave the campus. One of the most notable achievements of WATgreen is faculty, students, and staff, working cooperatively toward solutions.

Whether it is for environmental, regulatory or cost-saving reasons, companies and institutions must reduce their resource requirements. Legal cases, like the Bata Shoe case, demonstrate the responsibility of corporations and individual officers, to implement an environmental management system which meet the CSA Standard Z751-94 and the British Standard BS7750. The key, legally, is "due diligence". WATgreen provides a framework for doing this.

Following are some key areas of concern for the UW:


  • requiring the use of recycled paper
  • chemical disposal
  • lawn spraying
  • reduction of consumption and waste
  • biodegradability of products

    Education about Greening on Campus

    The cornerstone of WATgreen is education. How should we best approach educating everyone on campus about greening (conferences, seminars, behavioural incentives (awards etc.), environmental report cards)?


    Water costs continue to skyrocket in the region. With a water bill close to a million dollars, there is considerable incentive to save. Some potential projects include:

    Waste Management

    Waste management will continue to be a mandated activity. Some current challenges:

    Landscape Management

    There is still considerable community concern about this issue. Some projects:


    UW is very strong in this area but we are challenged to keep up with the state of the art. One area in which needs attention is the use of UW vehicles on campus (in excess of 75). One challenge is: Another is:

    Some General WATgreen Project Ideas:

    (Not in order of importance, topic or alphabetically!)

    Follow-up any previous WATgreen Project:

    Suggestions from last term:

    The Gazette Audit (1997)

    1. Similar research projects be conducted each term since enrollment is different in the Winter, Fall, and Spring terms.
    2. Similar research projects should be conducted in the future based on enrollment trends.
    3. Similar research projects should be conducted (on a regular basis) for each of the University of Waterloo's newspaper publications such as the IMPRINT, and the Iron Warrior.
    4. Similar research projects should be conducted to determine whether the recommendations for distribution changes were implemented and to evaluate the effectiveness of the recommendations.

    Hazardous Materials Handling Facility (1997)

    1. A future study should examine each area of waste (biological, radioactive, chemical) as individual units.
    2. The sustainability of the various policies, regulations, by-laws, guidelines which were used for the creation of the questionnaire should be evaluated.
    3. The positive attributes of the HMHF should be further publicized and shared with other institutions that handle and dispose of hazardous materials.
    4. All containers supplied to the waste generators for storage of hazardous material on campus should be of good integrity (tight fitting lids, sturdy, etc.)

    WATgreen is an umbrella, one that should involve the entire campus. Environmental issues and concerns are for everyone. In order to achieve the true goal of sustainability, each Faculty and Department is encouraged to become a part of WATgreen.

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