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Our Vision

We envision UW transforming itself into a showcase of sustainability, a true ecosystem in harmony with its environment. We refer to this process as "Greening the Campus". This undertaking presents an opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to improve the quality of their environment, while decreasing the overall operating cost of the University. This project offers significant new directions and opportunities for education and research. It is promoting an environmentally-aware campus community. "Greening the Campus" represents an opportunity for UW to act as a model and a catalyst for other campuses and institutions. UW students will take with them into society the knowledge and motivation necessary to foster the transformation to a sustainable society. In short, UW in the 21st century could do for the environment what it did for computers in the 20th century.

WATgreen Information

Current Activities of WATgreen

The University of Waterloo WATgreen Advisory Committee includes representatives from each faculty, staff, students and administration. The committe accomplishments and activities include:

WATgreen is an educational initiative for the students AND the University. The WATgreen initiative provides students, faculty and staff with an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the resolution of environmental issues facing the University. Together we can transform the campus into a sustainable ecosystem.

In the Environment and Resource Studies 250 course, Greening the Campus, students learn to apply the skills and tools of interdisciplinary research to current real-life problems involved in running the university or in fostering sustainability in Waterloo, Kitchener, and the region. This course makes a direct contribution to enhancing the sustainability of the campus and the broader community in which it is located. The campus and the community serve as the laboratory for identifying, evaluating, and assessing indicators of progress toward greater sustainability.

The WATgreen Library of student projects is here.

Kitchener and Waterloo Chambers of Commerce Environmental Achievement Award for: