WATgreen Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, January 16, 1997

PRESENT: Paul Eagles, Patti Cook, Dennis Huber, Ian Fraser, Dave Barton, Hamish Duthie, Len Eckels, Winston Cherry, Roydon Fraser, Donna Schell

1. Minutes of the October 17, 1996 meeting were approved.

2. Discussion of Carp in Laurel Creek - Dave Barton, Biology

   Dave Barton discussed the condition of Laurel Creek from Waterloo Park upstream. His focus is on carp management. He stated that the removal of carp from Laurel Creek by both drawing down (manipulation of reservoirs) the water levels (with the co-operation of the GRCA) in the spring to reduce the spawning, and by netting the carp in the fall, would greatly improve the water quality.
   Carp are being targeted because their mode of feeding disrupts sediment, increasing the turbidity of the water and tying up the nutrients for other fish. Their mode of feeding also stirs up heavy metals and contaminants moving them downstream.
   Dave Barton would like to remove the carp from the creek starting from Columbia Lake and go downstream to Silver Creek, with the help of grad students from Biology (sometime in the fall). Barton wants to create a cleaner aquatic system by manipulation of reservoirs and netting.
    Winston Cherry asked if we had the right to remove the carp. Barton said we have the approval from MNR & the GRCA. Support from the City of Waterloo is also required. Once approval is given, Dennis Huber will approach Plant Operations for go ahead (a permit will be required). Also Dennis Huber will approach the Building & Properties Committee of Barton's plan.
Dave will need to:

3. Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference were approved at the December Executive Council meeting. The Faculty Deans were given a copy for information.

It was decided the annual report would be ready by the start of the academic calendar in September.

4. Laurel Creek Workshop Follow-up

Dean Fitzgerald is producing a summary of the papers (eight papers still to come in).
There are three video copies of the workshop:
  1. Patti Cook-Waste Management
  2. James Kay-ERS
  3. Media Library-Audio Visual
It was decided that the proceedings would be published in paper version: two-sided printing with plastic binding and would include a table of contents and introduction. Patti Cook will keep the master copy and courtesy copies will be sent to each presenter, and one copy for the “tri-university” Library. There will be reference to the publication on the WEB if anyone else would like to purchase a copy. The price will be $5.00 per copy ($4.67 plus $.33 GST).

The feedback for the workshop was very positive.
There were some comments made on the form and structure of the workshop:

Other issues that need to be addressed:

5. Current Student Projects - ERS 285

Patti Cook ran through the list of topics for the current student projects (composting, toilets, bikes, Laurel Creek, making note pads). They will present their project findings on April 14th from about 9:00 a.m. till mid-afternoon. The topics may be found at:http://www.fes.uwaterloo.ca/crs/ers285/

6. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held Tues, March 4, 1-3 pm, NH 3004.

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