January 25, 1999 Minutes

WATgreen Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Monday, January 25, 1999.

PRESENT:    Paul Eagles, Patti Cook, Len Eckel, Dennis Huber, Ian Fraser, Dave Barton, Roydon Fraser, James Kay, Donna Schell.

ABSENT:    Winston Cherry

1.    Minutes were approved from the November 27, 1998 meeting.

2.   Nomination of Co-Chairs for 1998/99

Eagles and Cook will stay on as Co-Chairs for 1998/99. Kay suggested having a rotating chair for the following year.

3.    Update of the State of the Environment Report (SOER)

The Notice of survey was sent to the Gazette and Imprint last week and Cook emailed the faculty assistants. James sent a brief survey to Cook to go to the administrative assistants. Data collection from the operational departments will be done by the ERS 285 students under the supervision of Professor Wismer.

4.    Colleges' Representative to join the WATgreen Advisory Committee

Huber stated some of the Colleges are out of step with campus policies (i.e.: pesticide use) and the University receives calls about this. The Colleges use University facilities (waste contract, mail delivery, graphics, etc) so should be aware of what the committee's goals and achievements are and if they have any interest in joining. Eagles will call Helga Mills, the Principal of St. Paul's College to discuss her interest in attending one of our meetings.

Kay wondered why there isn't any student representation at the meetings. Cook stated they are made aware of our meetings and receive all the documents but is unsure why they aren't attending. Cook will contact Christian Provenzano, President of the Federation of Students to follow up on this.

5.   Business arising from the minutes:

  1. Huber's meeting with Johnston
    Dr. Johnston did not show.

  2. September 1999 meeting with Johnston
    Kay would like to meet with Dr. Johnston in July or August. Everyone from the committee will be invited to attend the meeting. Will discuss this at the next meeting.

  3. Bike storage
    Plant Operations is ready to order new racks. Cook asked the committee which racks they should purchase. Cook reported the new two-lock racks are around the same price as the old racks, they can be seen when removing snow, do not collect leaves, and they are being used. The consensus was to purchase the two-lock racks.

    Cook mentioned the Bike Shop rents storage space for bicycles at the Student Life Centre. The committee decided it would be wise to place an advertisement in the campus newspapers before the end of each term publicizing this. Cook will call the Bike Shop to arrange this. Eagles mentioned class one racks are still needed on campus.

  4. WATgreen Student Projects Collection Retention - UW Archives vs CD ROMS
    Cook reported on the cost of the two; to archive the papers is free but to have all 82 projects put on CD ROMS would cost approximately $2100 (graphics charges $.50 per page). Kay made two suggestions:

    1. The faculties have scanners, hire a student to put them on.
    2. Archive all the papers but scan the papers that are still useful.
    Cook will keep working on scanning all the papers.

6.    Other business/information items:

  1. Barton reported carp were removed from the North Campus pond in early December. Barton, his technician, a colleague from the WETlab and one undergrad student removed between 400 and 500 fish. Barton said they removed 2 minnows, about 100 frogs (which were put back into the pond), 10 suckers, and the rest were carp. All the fish were taken to Scott McKinley in the WETlab. Barton said the large carp were removed but the process should be repeated in the fall to keep the count down.

  2. Eagles stated WATgreen is well presented on the WEB indexer.

  3. Ian Fraser reported Chemistry Stores' new ventilation system is up and running today.

    7.   Next Meeting:

    Middle to end of April, 1999.

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