WATgreen Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, February 12, 1998.

PRESENT:   Patti Cook, Paul Eagles, Dennis Huber, Winston Cherry, James Kay, Ian Fraser, Roydon Fraser, Jeremy Steffler, Donna Schell.

1.    Approval of Minutes from December 11/97 meeting.

Hamish Duthie emailed Patti Cook with a change to Tom Galloway's presentation: Item 2, Turfgrass, 4th line. PESTICIDES kill insects, HERBICIDES kill weeds. Collectively they are called BIOCIDES. (As taught to Sci 454 students!). Les Van Dongen of Plant Operations confirmed that herbicides and insecticides were used on campus.

2.   Bicycle Management Plan:

The bicycle plan has been put in motion starting with fixing operational issues (snow removal around bike racks, repair of racks to accommodate wide tires). Patti Cook will look at lockups for bike storage. It was suggested to purchase ten storage units, situate them in a centrally high usage location (by MC) and charge a fee for storage. A pilot study monitoring the use of the storage units would guide the committee on whether the units work and if more should be purchased.

3.    285 Projects:

All the projects are listed on the ERS285 WEB site.
The final presentations will be held Tuesday, April 14, ES1-132.

4.   Environment Commission:

Jeremy Steffler reported the Environment Commission is looking for one large project to work on in the upcoming term. They will be holding a round table on environmental issues on Wednesday, March 11 in the Student Life Centre. The day will consist of focus sessions, a lunch speaker (perhaps a WATgreen member), a display of the major issues from focus sessions where the campus can view them and add comments and ideas.

5.   Other Business:

6.   Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held Thursday, March 19, 9-11am in DC 1331.

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