WATgreen Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday, March 4, 1997

PRESENT: Paul Eagles, Patti Cook, Dennis Huber, Ian Fraser, Hamish Duthie, Len Eckel, Sandra DiGiantomasso, Winston Cherry, Roydon Fraser, Donna Schell

1. Minutes of the January 16, 1997 meeting were approved.

Hamish Duthie to follow-up with Dave Barton on whether he plans to proceed with the carp removal from Laurel Creek.

2. Laurel Creek Workshop Follow-up

- 12 Manuscript Submissions

Seven of the twelve manuscripts have been submitted. Hamish Duthie and Paul Eagles will review the papers, Dean will edit them. Hamish Duthie will review the science papers, Paul Eagles will review the rest. This review should be done as soon as possible.

3. Commission on Institutional Planning Document

Patti Cook was approached by the Commission to submit a paper on WATgreen. The WATgreen section has been cut from the Commission's report. Dennis Huber explained that there were some detailed reports from all the sub-committees plus the final summary.
Patti Cook will clarify whether WATgreen is still included in the detailed reports.
The question of which section WATgreen should be under in the report was raised.
Excellence in teaching and Governance were considered appropriate areas.

4. Project ideas for Jane Webster's Organizational Behaviour Course

  1. monitoring campus use by individuals
  2. usage of turf on campus
  3. auditing the Gazette
  4. operating hours of food outlets (not vending machines)
  5. usage of walkways for winter clearing purposes
  6. shoveller needs
  7. access from B lot to Davis Centre (erosion of berm)
  8. bicycles on campus and their habits
  9. operating hours of Hazardous Materials Handling Facility
  10. disappearance of Village dishes (theft vs breakage)

5. Current Student Projects

Presentations of final projects for ERS 285 Course will be: Monday, 14 April 1997 in the multimedia ACCESS Room, ES1-132.

8:30: Encouraging Bicycle Ridership at UW.
9:15: Composting at St. Paul's College
9:50: Mission Imprintable
10:30: Recycling at Athletic Events
12:30: Lug-a-Mug Assessment in the Eng Soc C&D
1:10: Recycling at Columbia Lake Townhouses
1:50: Micro-commuting on Campus

6. Student WATgreen Network Update

7. Other Business

Hamish Duthie suggested having another workshop on a defined topic with varied expertise when there is the need.
The committee was asked to consider ideas for the workshop.

Dennis Huber indicated the University is the land holder of 11 acres on the west side of campus (Amos Martin farm). The City of Waterloo is proposing to build a west trail system-should we sell to the City or maintain the land ourselves. What is the University's liability on this property?
It was suggested to ask Larry Lamb from Environmental Studies to speak at our next meeting on the west campus property.

8. Next Meeting

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