WATgreen Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, March 19, 1998.

PRESENT:   Paul Eagles, Patti Cook, Dennis Huber, Les Van Dongen, James Kay, Len Eckel, Winston Cherry, Emily Pascual, Roydon Fraser, Donna Schell.

1.    Minutes of the February 12/98 meeting were approved.

2.   Bicycle Management Plan:

Patti Cook reported on the Bicycle Management Plan.

Presently, Plant Operations is leaving the bicycle racks out in winter making them accessible by snow shovelling around them. They are also repairing bicycle racks and widening the tire slots. Short term - There is budget money to purchase new racks so a sub committee of Roydon Fraser, Patti Cook, James Kay and Les Van Dongen of Plant Operations will decide what kind of level 2 bicycle racks fit the University's criteria and will go ahead and purchase them. Long term - Monitoring the use of the racks, what kind of racks/lockers we want to use.

Les Van Dongen of Plant Operations reported he has been communicating with the City of Waterloo on their purchases and also to the Engineering Machine Shop on the cost of making racks. He wants to purchase racks that are portable, clean, galvanized and designed not to be moved.

Winston Cherry brought up the issue of removing abandoned bicycles from bike racks. Presently, Plant Operations cut the locks and take the bikes to Security for storage. A debate ensued if a policy should be made, if bicycles should be removed, tagging abandoned bikes, and taking the abandoned bikes to the Cycle Centre at SLC for storage.

3.    Environment Commission Report

    Environmental Roundtable on Campus held March 11/98

Emily Pascual reported attendance at the roundtable was very low (less than ten people attended and most of these were from Engineering). The issues discussed were education and attitude, landscaping, water quality at Laurel Creek, chemicals in labs, food/solid/paper wastes, promoting usage of cans and bottles. The next stage for the Commission is to form a list of action goals for the upcoming year. Once the list is completed, they will send a copy to Patti Cook and James Kay.

4.   Environmental Policy for the University

The University does not have an Environmental Policy but does have a Terms of Reference which the WATgreen Committee completed June, 1996. This document has been accepted by Executive Council and is considered our mission statement. James Kay is working on a yearly report on WATgreen activities which will be presented to Executive Council in September. It was decided that Executive Council would decide if the report would go to Senate or the Board of Governors.

5.   Other Business:

6.   Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held the third week of June, 1998.

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