WATgreen Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Friday, October 3, 1997.

PRESENT:   Patti Cook, Paul Eagles, Winston Cherry, Dennis Huber, Roydon Fraser, Ian Fraser, Hamish Duthie, Donna Schell.

1.   Approval of Minutes:

James Kay submitted a revision of the Sept 3/97 minutes. He would like them to read:

" 6. Other Business:

James Kay brought up concerns about the proposed banning of bicycles from buildings. He noted that he keeps his bicycle in his office as UW does not provide bicycle parking which is secure, where secure means secure from weather and theft when parked overnight. Other members on the committee expressed similar concerns. The committee chair was to communicate these concerns to the Joint Health & Safety Committee concerning the ban. James will make a list of issues related to bicycling on campus for the next meeting."

Dennis Huber stated bicycles are banned from buildings and this is in the University's safety policy statement .

2.   Laurel Creek Workshop Publication Update:

Patti Cook reported scanning of papers is in progress. She is still waiting for two abstracts and if they are not received a paragraph with be written for the publication. Hamish Duthie thought the material would be out of date and we should be going ahead on the publication. The Region is running a monitoring program and there will be an annual report out soon. Paul Eagles will try to get a hold of Colin Mayfield to get access to material and also to speak at our December meeting on what he's doing and how UW interacts.

3.   Native Species List Update:

Dennis Huber has sent a memo to Patti Cook and Tom Galloway approving the list. The list will be accessible on the WEB. Patti Cook will reply to J.K. Morton.

4.    Speaker Suggestions for Future Meetings:

- Colin Mayfield for December meeting to discuss watershed monitoring - Open Meeting Forum.
- Tom Galloway for December meeting to discuss turf grass maintenance.
- Owen Ward at a future meeting to discuss oil spills.

5.   Bicycle Management Plan Update:

There are three areas of importance on the bicycle issue:
  1. Bicycle transportation off campus
  2. Bicycle transportation on campus
  3. Bicycle storage and safety
The Region of Waterloo is working on a plan with the City of Waterloo and it was suggested to assign someone to represent the University at the bimonthly meetings (James Kay will be asked to be the representative and Roydon Fraser offered to be the backup). Also ask the Bike Shop if they are interested in attending the meetings.

The major problem on campus is the mixture of bicycles and pedestrians. The bike storage area needs a business plan. Paul Eagles will call Karen Hammond, the landscape architect in Geography, to see if a plan can be done.

It was agreed this is too big an issue and should be broken down into individual issues to be discussed at separate meetings.

6.   Other Business:

7.   Next Meeting:

Next meeting to be held December 11, 1997 at 12:30 p.m. in BMH room 1621.

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