WATgreen Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, October 17, 1996

PRESENT: Paul Eagles, Patti Cook, Dennis Huber, Dean Fitzgerald, Hamish Duthie, Roydon Fraser, Ian Fraser, Jeremy Steffler, Kate Oxley, Donna Schell

1. Minutes of September 5, 1996 meeting were approved.

2. Draft Terms of Reference

Final changes were made to the Terms of Reference.
Dennis Huber will present Terms of Reference to Executive Council.

3. Laurel Creek Workshop Update

Dean Fitzgerald gave a brief presentation on the Laurel Creek Workshop to be held on Tuesday, October 29 in DC 1301 and 1302. There will be 13 participants, each speaking for 15 minutes. Two hundred invitations were sent out, plus the workshop was publicized in the Gazette and Imprint. Roydon Fraser recommended video taping the speakers. It was agreed to let students in for free.

4. Student WATgreen Network Update-Jeremy Steffler

Jeremy reported 30 students at their first meeting and 15 have stayed on (representation from Engineering, Science, Environmental Studies and Arts). They have their web page all set up. The Federation of Students have given them a budget. They have five or six volunteers to help with the Laurel Creek Workshop. They are working on a few projects:
  1. How grad students apply their degrees to environmental issues.
  2. Give awards to a group or individual that contribute to the environment on campus.
  3. Promoting Lug-a-Mugs (trying to formalize discounts at C&D's). The gift shop sells specially designed clips for lug-a-mugs.
  4. Make styrofoam structures with collected styrofoam cups.

5. Student Projects

Kate Oxley, an ERS grad student working on her Masters is working on a group project for ERS 669. Tom Galloway of Plant Operations gave a presentation to this group re: turf maintenance. He stated 40% of his cost go to grounds and would like to reduce this amount. He would like to make the grounds more environmentally sustainable. Kate said the group should have a clear background in a week. Their guiding principles are safety, to lower costs, aesthetics and biology.

6. Next Meeting

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