WATgreen Committee Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on Monday, October 30, 1995

PRESENT: James Kay, Hamish Duthie, Patti Cook, Winston Cherry, Keith Warriner, Paul Eagles, Bob Elliott, Saeed Parto, Donna Schell

1. Patti Cook reported on the "Greening for Higher Education Conference" she attended in September in London.

A suggestion was made from J. Kay to host a North American greening conference at UW.

Two seperate but related issues:

  1. Greening the curriculum in every discipline

  2. Greening the campus

Two observation to keep in mind:
  1. "Because colleges, universities, and professional schools educate most of the people who develop and manage society's institutions as well as the teachers who educate children, they bear profound responsibilites to increase the awareness, knowledge, technologies, and tools to create an environmentally sustainable future. There is growing student demand at colleges and univerisities everywhere for environmental education and for the institutions to reduce the environmental impact of their own operations."

  2. "Institutions of higher learning are responsible to educate students for the future, preparing them for the responsibilities and opportunities of adult life, and a curriculum that does not include sustainable practices, does not completely prepare the students and falls short of it promise of education."

2. Remarks from Bob Elliott.

He summarized how WATgreen originated, the appointment of Patti Cook as Waste Management Coordinator, how WATgreen serves all aspects of campus, the importance of faculty involvement, the appointment of Larry Martin as UW's rep to the Silver Lake issue and the next phase of WATgreen.

3. Hamish Duthie has organized a tour of the chemical waste facility (ESC 109) for Monday, November 6, 11 am for anyone who wishes to attend.

4. Goals of WATgreen:

To focus on faculty awareness.

5. Other issues

J. Kay noted that there is a matrix of WATgreen topics and sent these to each member of the committee. He also reminded the committee that a WWW site exists for WATgreen and that this as an extensive environmental audit for the campus on it.

6. Other topics for future discussion:

7. Topics for future student work.

As discussion occurred, ideas for student topics came up. These will be listed at the end of each set of minutes for easy reference.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, December 6, NH 3001.