October 30, 1998 Minutes

WATgreen Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Friday, October 30, 1998.

PRESENT:   Patti Cook, Len Eckel, Ian Fraser, Winston Cherry, Dennis Huber, Dave Barton, Barry Warner, Margaret Aquan-Yuen, Donna Schell.

ABSENT:    James Kay, Paul Eagles, Roydon Fraser

1.    Presentation:    Barry Warner, Geography Department
                                    Building Wetlands on the North Campus for Research Purposes

Barry Warner gave a short presentation on the WATLANDS Research Project. The project, sponsored by the Wetlands Research Centre and CRESTech, came to WATgreen for university approval. Eckel moved the motion to support the concept, Barton seconded it, all agreed. Warner said it must be a self-contained, non-contaminated area that would look like a small pond with cattails, reeds but no trees. He also stated a high fence might be put around it to keep vandals out and also for safety reasons. The wetland would be a long term project (10 to 20 years) and the companies would be responsible for cleanup and demolishing the site (this to be put in the contract). The operational cost of the wetland would be self-sufficient. Warner will do a follow up report to the committee once the project is underway.

2.   WATgreen Student Projects Collection Retention - Margaret Aquan-Yuen

Margaret Aquan-Yuen stated there are 75 projects on file at the library with ten more to come in. It is her responsibility to make the material accessible to students but she felt they didn't fit the criteria for filing. The projects currently on file are not being used a great deal, so she is recommending they be stored in the Archives and kept as a permanent collection. The reports would not be listed in TRELLIS, but in a separate database for archival material in the Doris Lewis Rare Book Room. The reports would not be available for signing out by students, but would have to be used in the Rare Book Room M-F 9-12 and 1-4. It was also agreed that existing and future paper copies be scanned onto the WEB for easy access and perhaps burned onto CD ROMS as well.

3.    Introduction of Dave Barton

Dave Barton was introduced to the committee as the replacement for Hamish Duthie of the Science Faculty.

4.    Approval of June 23, 1998 minutes

Motion to approve minutes by Dennis Huber. Seconded by Winston Cherry. All in favour. Carried.

5.   Business arising from the minutes:

  1. Update on carp removal - Barton
    There were problems with water levels - the water was high so must drop levels down in Columbia Lake. It is astounding the amount of material in the lake i.e. Logs, bikes, shopping carts, etc. He stated from Columbia Lake downstream there is a major problem so the process may have to be repeated.

  2. North Campus Pond - Restoration Plan - Barton
    The area was to be a fishless teaching area but there are fish in it (carp, minnows). As it is no longer a teaching tool, it might be smart to turn it into a wetland and maybe join it in with Warner's WATLANDS project. Barton will report back next meeting on results of the student project done in the summer, which includes test results from Canviro Analytical Laboratories.

  3. Bicycle Storage - Cook
    Ten new racks were bought and ERS100 will do a survey to look at use. Winston Cherry hasnŐt seen anyone use the racks outside of Math so feels they have been a failure and that they are not convenient for bike storage. Huber said a large per cent of bikes have sat for more than four weeks. It was agreed that no bike lockers will be bought.

6.   Environment Report to Executive Council:

  1. Contents - Accomplishments
    The report is intended to report on UWŐs environmental accomplishments. An email was sent out to each faculty and all operations departments. The first annual report to Executive Council will include the replies to these emails, and we will work towards more contributions for future reports.

  2. Resources
    What more could we be doing? How much more money could be saved? If we had resources. Resources:
    1. For labour to accomplish tasks (staff and students)
    2. To encourage and support student projects, and
    3. To encourage and support staff innovation
    Huber said budget money comes from department heads or Deans, not through Executive Council. He felt this was not the correct forum to request funding.

  3. Result - Annual State of the Environment Report
    An annual report to Executive Council, with participation from all faculties, operations departments, faculty research, courses, and student project accomplishments. Enhancement and support of Environmental Activities on campus

- Signing of Talloires Declaration It was suggested by Jim Robinson (ERS) that UW become a signatory of this document, and that this should be vetted through the WATgreen Advisory Committee.

Huber wanted to know the benefit of signing the declaration? Is UW bound by this declaration to perform certain acts?

It was suggested that Jim Robinson be invited to the next meeting to explain the benefits of signing the declaration.

The web site for the Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future and the Talloires Declaration will be included in the agenda for November's meeting.

We will vote on this at the next meeting.

7.   Other Business/Information Items:

  1. Letter in Gazette re: pesticide use on campus

    The committee decided not to respond to the letter in the Gazette re: pesticide use on campus. Huber received a report from Tom Galloway of Plant Operations on pesticide spraying. The only place that is sprayed are the playing fields on the North Campus, and that is for the safety of the athletes. The South Campus is not sprayed at all. Ian Fraser stated there was a plan made for reduction of pesticide use on campus and perhaps we should rerun the plan in the Gazette.

  2. Cycling Study

    Professor Susan Wismer is leading the students on the cycling study with the Region of Waterloo.

  3. The City of Waterloo collects polystyrene plates and cups and styrofoam at their Caroline Street depot (in answer to a question by Winston Cherry). From there they ship the material to Toronto.

  4. Winston Cherry reported that the amount of Gazettes received in Math has gone down in volume, suggesting the Gazette Audit done a year ago was successful.

8.   Next Meeting:

November 27, 1998, 9-11 am., NH 3043.

Len Eckel adjourned the meeting.

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