WATgreen Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, March 7, 1996, HH 334

PRESENT: Patti Cook, Paul Eagles, Bob Elliott, Hamish Duthie, Jim Robinson, George Priddle, James Kay, Dan Rainham, Winston Cherry

1. Minutes of February 8 meeting approved with two changes:

  1. item 6 - there are 35 students, divided into 7 groups
  2. item 6 - The influx of Eng. students would not occur until W97.

2. No new business arose from the minutes.

3. Replacement for Keith from Arts Faculty and Co-Chair

Keith Warriner has decided reluctantly to give up his responsibilities on the WATgreen committee. Replacements for Keith's responsibilites: Co-Chair position, the Arts Faculty representative, and someone to take over the information gathering for the environmental curriculum material is required.

Paul Eagles was nominated and accepted the position of Co-Chair. Suggestions for a new representative from the Faculty of Arts were requested.

Retirements will require further replacements from Senior Administration and ERS. It was suggested that the Senior Administration replacement may become clearer in a couple of months. We will wait until after the new appointments are made to ERS to replace the Environmental Studies representative.

Patti will contact the TRACE office about putting together and distributing the package when complete.

University of Edinburgh, UK, has a very interesting WEB page called "Greening the Curriculum". Patti has obtained initial permissions to link to our web pages, and to copy their material for our package.

Patti will contact Chris Redmond/Bruce MacNeil re: mainenance of web pages on campus.

5. Funding & Senior Administrative Support

Bob Elliott stated funding is in place for this year. Bob agreed that Senior Administration support should continue.

6. Report from Dan Rainham of the Student WATgreen Network

The student WATgreen committee met. Fifteen students in attendance. There was representation from English, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry and ES.

Items on the agenda were what the group should be called, the mandate, newsgroup and generation of other WEB page. They also discussed future projects (booth for Campus Day, a student-wide cleanup day). The students are also planning a Laurel Creek cleanup (from Beaver Creek Rd to University Ave) with hip waders. Hamish suggested they not disturb the creek too much.

James wants to get a dialogue going on what to do with the Creek. There is a lot of interest from the University community-Residences, Security, Parking, Community Relations, Plant Operations.

7. Update from George re: City concerns

George visited the Mayor (of Waterloo) and discussed the issues of Silver Lake and Laurel Creek. George reported it was an unsubstantiated rumor that anything was leaking from our pipes into Laurel Creek. George to continue to keep us updated.

8. Other Business

Patti will hire an assistant (monies to come from her part-time budget) to help maintain the WEB page.

The committee requested a student representative for each term (more are welcome at all meetings). The representative should be voted in by the Student WATgreen Committee.

Paul suggested a WATgreen Committee schedule be set up a term in advance and e-mailed out at the beginning of term.

Hamish to follow up on presentation by Scott Nicoll on the Hazardous Materials Handling Facility at a subsequent meeting.

Paul would like to look at whole issue on landscaping on campus (long-term discussions). He wants to look at alternatives. It was felt that the committee should have Brian O'Riley speak to us before he retires. Hamish also suggested Professor Emeritus John Morton as someone else who we should have speak at the next meeting. (what goals we want to achieve, what our current costs are). Both of these men can give us a history of the landscaping on campus.

Patti will invite Brian and Professor Emeritus John Morton to our April meeting. A walk-a-bout could be arranged with either Professor Emeritus John Morton or Rudy Molinary from Plant Operations.

Jim wondered if any retirees would like to volunteer for the Committee?

NEXT MEETING: Thurs, April 11, 1996, DC 1331 (ICR board room).

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