WATgreen Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, May 22, 1997

PRESENT: Patti Cook, Dennis Huber, Roydon Fraser, Winston Cherry, Hamish Duthie, James Kay, Len Eckel, Jeremy Steffler, Susan Sheehan, Donna Schell

1. Minutes of the March 4, 1997 meeting were approved.

2. Carp Removal from Laurel Creek Project

Hamish Duthie reported that Dave Barton will continue with the carp removal in the fall and will be working with the MNR & GRC on the project. Carp from Laurel Creek have been analyzed and are clean. Nothing more is being done on the project right now.

3. Laurel Creek Workshop Follow-up

Hamish Duthie reported all manuscripts that he has received, have been edited and reviewed and are ready to go. It was agreed the reports would be put on the WATgreen WEBsite. Hamish wanted a good map of Laurel Creek for the publication and would also like to give Dean Fitzgerald publication recognition.

4. Inclusion of WATgreen in the Commission on Institutional Planning Document

Patti Cook spoke with Heather White about whether WATgreen should be mentioned in the document. The committee thought WATgreen was valuable under 15.4 as an example but all examples were left off the final document. Patti will contact Heather to see if WATgreen can be addressed in one of the sub reports.

5. Student Projects

ERS 285 Course Projects:

MSCI 211 Course Projects:

Each Project has 5 mini-projects, with 3 - 6 students working on each mini-project.

6. Student WATgreen Network Update

Jeremy Steffler reported the Student WATgreen Network has been offered an official commission of the Federation of Students. Reporting to the Vice President, Student Issues the network will report all environmental issues for the Federation of Students. The advantages of having an official commission with the Federation are increasing their budget, having access to office space and a computer, being drafted into the Federation bylaws, and continuity for the SWN.

The Student Network was approached by Engineering students for information on a professional environmental organization that promotes to student chapters of environmental studies, environmental science and engineering issues. Jeremy Steffler will identify the environmental organizations and bring the information back for our next meeting.

Jeremy Steffler also reported the Student WATgreen WEB page which is linked to the Fed page has not been looked at for a while. There are two students working on it this term to bring it up to date.

7. "Squirrel Run" property update.

Dennis Huber reported on the "squirrel run" property and whether the university should retain the property or sell it to the City. He has a developer who has offered the University $60,000 to purchase the property to be used as a right-of-way. Patti Cook spoke to a few faculty members (Larry Lamb, Roger Suffling, John Theberge, Jeanne Kay, Paul Eagles, Paul Karrow) about this property and none could think of a use for the property, and agreed to sell it. A motion was passed by the committee to sell the property to the developer with the condition to sell to the City of Waterloo, and a further suggested condition, that the revenues from the sale be used to purchase 'other' land/property. Hamish Duthie mentioned Anne Dagg of Independent Studies was the faculty advisor who set up the squirrel run. Patti Cook will get in contact with her.

8. Other Business

Tom Galloway of Plant Operations was approached by some ERS students to use part of the North Campus as a garden plot. Dennis Huber has given them the go ahead.

Any books for recycling can be sent to the Used Bookstore in the Student Life Centre. Any office materials can be sent to Central Stores.

9. Next Meeting

Thursday, June 12, 1 - 3 pm, NH 3004.

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