WATgreen Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, May 9, 1996, DC 1331

Present: Paul Eagles, Patti Cook, Chris Roenspiess, Hamish Duthie, Roydon Fraser, Dennis Huber, Bob Elliott, George Priddle, Winston Cherry, Len Eckel, Donna Schell

1. Minutes of April 11 meeting approved.

2. Introduction of new WATgreen members.

Len Eckel, School of Accountancy and Dennis Huber, Associate Provost, General Services & Finance were introduced . Bob Elliott explained background of WATgreen for new members.

3. Terms of Reference

The "Draft Terms of Reference" was handed out and will be discussed at the next meeting. Paul Eagles suggested circulating comments via email re: draft.

4. Presentations to Faculty Councils

To date, Math has made their presentation to their Faculty Council. Roydon Fraser and Hamish Duthie want to see the package before making their presentations. It was agreed the presentations will be delayed until the committee has approved the Terms of Reference.

5. Environmental Curriculum Package Update

Patti Cook has talked to Keith Warriner but has not received any material. TRACE has offered to look over the contents and distribute the packages. Patti Cook has offered to put the package together but is unsure what to put in it. Each member is to get a list from their grad officer on research being done in their faculty. Hamish Duthie suggested that the Office of Research had a listing of all research projects on campus. Patti cook will investigate.

6. TRACE Workshops

There was no news. James Kay won't be back to do the first workshop (Paul Eagles, Patti Cook and Jim Robinson will do it). James Kay will to the second workshop. Jim Robinson strongly wants other faculty representatives to be involved.

7. Committee Meeting Schedule

There will be two meetings this term:
  1. Thurs., June 6 to discuss "Terms of Reference"
  2. Sometime in July to discuss the presentations.

8. Other Business

  1. Hamish Duthie suggested WATgreen hold a forum/symposium re: Laurel Creek in October. Paul Eagles agreed the committee could have a role to play on the Laurel Creek issue. Many questions arose re: Laurel Creek:

  2. Copies of the Master Plan to be handed out to the committee members.

  3. Patti Cook will look into having a representative from the Student WATgreen Network present at all meetings.

9. Next Meeting

Thurs., June 6, 1 - 3 pm, ML 244. Coffee will be served - bring your mugs!

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