WATgreen Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, June 6 , 1996, ML 244

PRESENT: Paul Eagles, Patti Cook, Sandra Di Giantomasso, Roydon Fraser, Hamish Duthie, Dean Fitzgerald, George Priddle, Dennis Huber, Winston Cherry, Donna Schell, Beate Ratter, Department of Geography, University of Hamburg, Hamburg Germany, guest of Paul Eagles.

1. Minutes of May 9 meeting approved.

2. Draft Terms of Reference

The Draft Terms of Reference for the WATgreen Committee were discussed and changes were made. There was a general consensus that the WATgreen Committee has no ability to make contracts but will develop contacts and communicate with community outside the university. It was also agreed the six faculty representatives will serve a two year term except for the first term whereby Applied Health Sciences, Math and Science would serve a three year term to stagger new representatives to the Committee. The Committee members will check with the Deans regarding adding WATgreen Committee appointments within each faculty. Patti Cook will send out revised terms. The Committee members will give copies of the terms of reference to their Faculty Councils or Deans for discussion and/or feedback. Dennis Huber and Patti Cook will make sure the Terms are given to Jim Kalbfleisch and other administrative departments for comments. Please bring all comments on the Terms to the September meeting. There was general consensus on the Draft Terms of Reference.

3. Laurel Creek Symposium

The symposium will go ahead on either October 29 or 30 in the Davis Centre room 1301 (Fishbowl), and 1302 (100-seater conference room). Dean Fitzgerald has volunteered to organize the one day workshop. It will consist of an open house with pamphlets, posters and a series of talks. The mandate is to bring campus up-to-date on Laurel Creek issues. Suggestions were made for speakers: Prof. Mike Stone of Geography, Larry Martin's Group, Joe Berridge (author of the University Master Plan), a representative from the GRCA (Tony Smith?), Tim Mario, McCormick Rankin, North Campus Laurel Creek Study, and someone from the university (Dennis Huber?). Also, someone with a broader perspective of stream rehabilitation? Patti Cook will contact Gord Nelson/Lisa Weber from the Heritage Resource Centre to check on the cost of their services in organizing the symposium. George Priddle to pass on the names of the 2 planning students who may be interested in assisting Dean.

4. George Priddle gave an update on the term's Greening the Campus projects.

There are five projects:
The final presentations are set for Tuesday, July 16/96 starting at 10:30 am in ES2-173. Call George Priddle x2762, to confirm date, time and location.

5. Sandra Di Giantomasso, the Student WATgreen Representative gave an update on the Student WATgreen Network.

6. There was no new business.

7. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, September 5, 1 - 3 pm

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