WATgreen Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Wednesday, September 3, 1997.

PRESENT: Patti Cook, Paul Eagles, Dennis Huber, Ian Fraser, Winston Cherry, Roydon Fraser, James Kay

1.   Minutes of the June 12, 1997 meeting were approved.

2.   Laurel Creek Workshop Publication Update:

There are two papers that have not been received. If not received, the publication will go ahead without them. Paul Eagles will write abstracts for the two missing presentations. Patti Cook will scan the received papers. The publication will be done by the end of the year and copies will be for sale for $5.00.

3.   Native Species Listing for the Campus:

Roger Suffling, Paul Eagles and Larry Lamb compiled a list in July, 1997 of trees and shrubs recommended for University of Waterloo plantings. The list will be sent to Dennis Huber for final approval and to forward on the Plant Operations for implementation. Patti Cook will put the list on the WEB once any revisions have been made.

4.    Student Projects from August:

5.   Speakers for future meetings:

The Committee decided to invite guest speakers preceding the WATgreen meetings to give a ten minute update of environmental happenings on campus. It was suggested to run a sponsored speaker series ie. Brown bag lunch but committee members felt they couldnŐt find the time to attend seminars. Tom Galloway will be invited to the next meeting to update the committee on the progress of the Turf Grass Maintenance Action Plan.

6.   Other Business

James Kay brought up concerns about the proposed banning of bicycles from buildings. He noted that he keeps his bicycle in his office as UW does not provide bicycle parking which is secure, where secure means secure from weather and theft when parked overnight. Other members on the committee expressed similar concerns. The committee chair was to communicate these concerns to the Joint Health & Safety Committee concerning the ban. James will make a list of issues related to bicycling on campus for the next meeting.

7.   Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held Friday, October 3, 1997, 9:00a.m. to 10:30 a.m., NH 3043.

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