WATgreen Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, September 7, 1995

Present: James Kay, Muthu Chandrashekar, Paul Eagles, George Priddle, Winston Cherry, Hamish Duthie, Keith Warriner

1. Presentation by James Kay. (This was the presentation he made to the University Executive and Board of Governors)

He concluded with his own objectives for the committee for the purpose of stimulating discussion:

Expand participation, draw people in
Increase Awareness and communication
Facilitate new participants
Expand leadership
New chair
Expand resources
Internal: people and dollars
External: Grants, contracts, etc.
Strategic Plan for the Environment for UW.

2. Each member of the committee introduced themselves and their interests with WATgreen

3. Discussion of objectives of the committee:

Some points which were made:

Next meeting:

1) Remarks from Bob Elliot
2) Report from Patti Cook on Greening Universities Conference.
3) Discussion of working goals of committee over the next few months:

a) terms of reference
b) strategy for the evolution of WATgreen
c) strategy for increasing faculty awareness of WATgreen in each faculty.