Business of Education

Business of Education

The Divisions of Study for The Business of Education are indicated below:

Research Activities - This component investigates currently funded research projects being conducted by UW's students and faculty. We will attempt to sort each research activity by funds acquired, topics of research relevant to the environment, and faculty participating.

Job Placement & Environmental Careers - The focus of this division will be on UW's encouragement of environmentally related careers. It will investigate the occurrence of environmental job fairs, placements at non-profit organizations, and student boycott's of certain companies.

Investment Policies - This section aims to establish the flow of investments made by UW. Considerations include largest stakeholders and investment policies which consider the environmental ethics of a chosen invesment plan.

Business Ties - Here, we will investigate who the main players are in terms of business transactions between the University and the business community. Does the university choose to do business with companies based on environmental considerations and who has input in terms of business decisions on campus?

Special Category: Environmental Education and Literacy

The presence of various types of environmental education in our curriculum is quite significant to UW's move toward a sustainable campus. The search of whether such components exist in all sectors of UW's academic system is detailed by this division of the CEAR. Issues presented in this division illustrate the types of Environmental Studies Programs offered at UW and the degrees available in those fields. Aside from specific environmental programs, we must also gather information on the different types of courses including environmental content. This presents a wide range of research because numerous technical, social, and economic subjects of environmental studies are covered in a variety of disciplines here at UW. Specifically, we are looking for courses dealing with: Toxic/Hazardous Waste, Solid Waste, Energy Efficiency/Management, Water Conservation, Air Quality, Environmental Business/Law/Economics, Park/Forest Management, and relevant others.

Information for this division of the CEAR therefore follows an alternate format than that of our typical investigative plan. Due to the nature of footwork involved were we to meet with every academic department on campus, we have decided instead to circulate a bulletin to UW's six faculties explaining our study and expressing our need for course information.The bulletin would then be forwarded to relevant departments, and ideally, a flow of information would reach the EBT.


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