Resources and Infrastructure

Resources and Infrastructure

The Divisions of Study for Resources and Infrastructure are indicated below:

Food - This system will be investigated in terms of UW food contracts, food service committees, and food sources. Also discussed are existing or alternative meal plans and vegetarian services on campus.

Procurement Policies - The focus of these questions is on the examination of policies and practices behind the purchase of paper, wood products, dishware, and their associated costs and quantities.

Transportation - Here, we will investigate the modes of transportation used by staff, faculty, and students to come to UW everyday. We will attempt to include percentages of each mode used, and the distance traveled by commuters. This division will investigate UW's use of vehicles running on alternative fuels, and we will also inquire about various transportation facilities/programs existing on campus (i.e. Bus depots, parking lots and permits, ride-sharing programs).

Water - This section of the CEAR will consider water use on campus in terms of supply, consumption, and the initiation of use reduction programs both at the infrastructure level and for human consumption.

Energy - Much like water, energy will be examined in terms of sources (in terms of energy production ie. gas, oil, nuclear, hydro; and who sells energy to the UW), use on campus and the implementation of energy conservation programs.

Campus Design & Growth - This section will look at elements of design of the existing campus as well as plans for further development. Area of focus will include land ownership, environmental building design, and student housing. Future plans for UW will also be investigated in terms of land use and the incorporation of environmental design.


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