Wastes & Hazards

Wastes & Hazards

The Divisions of Study for Wastes & Hazards are indicated below:

Solid, Radioactive, and Medical Wastes & Hazardous Substances - Our study will highlight many elements of solid and medical waste management, as well as radioisotope handling. We will focus on sources of generation, options for disposal, waste recycling and reduction efforts, and associated costs.

Wastewater & Storm Runoff - These questions focus on the issues of wastewater treatment, the volume of water involved, and the existence of associated programs.

Air Quality - This division identifies potential or existing pollutants on campus, and discusses UW policies and procedures for compliance to air quality and emissionstandards.

Pest Control - This component investigates the class, quantities, and expenditures associated with controlling indoor and outdoor pests on campus. We will also attempt to illustrate how pest control practices at UW have changed in the past five years.

The Workplace Environment - Here, we will investigate the kind of occupational environmental hazards that may exist on campus, and identify the regulatory framework for dealing with these issues. Staff, faculty, and student training programs will also be discussed.


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