Campus Design & Growth

Campus Design & Growth

The information for this section was obtained from Dennis Huber of Plant Operations at the University of Waterloo. July, 1995. To review this section of the CEAR questionnaire Click Here.
Date Founded: 1957
Amount of Land Owned:1008 acres
Geographical Dispersement:

Current Plans For Expansion:The school has devised a five year plan which includes the following.

Long Range Development Plan:The University has devised a long range development plan entitled the University of Waterloo - Master Plan

Environmental Criteria:The plan does contain environmental criteria for each individual section.

Planning Committee:The University does have an on going planning process in the form of two committees. These are the Building and Properties Committee and the President's Advisory Committee on Design. These committees are composed of staff, faculty, board members and student representatives

Local Planning and Zoning Laws:The University is not exempt from any local planning and zoning laws. However the parameters for the University are very wide because it falls in the category of Big Institutional Zoning

Land-Use Conflicts:There have been some minor land use conflicts between the University and the community. However, the University expects to have to answer to the community when making a development decision to some degree and all conflicts thus far have been resolved.

Other Land Uses:The University does own land which is used for purposes which are private and non-educational on a lease-hold basis. These areas are on the North Campus and are designated as Office, Residential and High Tech Industrial

Environmental Building Design: Although there exists no one building which exemplifies this type of design, there are examples of such design elements. In the Davis Centre, reflective glass has been used. Also, hollow core concrete slabs have been used which act as massive energy storage units.

Cooperative Housing:Although the University does not own and/or operate cooperative housing such housing does exist right next to the University called the Waterloo Cooperative Residence Incorporated. WCRI was the first student built owned and operated housing project in North America.

Source:Dennis Huber - Plant Operations, July 5/95 (*6828)


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