Environmental Education & Literacy

Environmental Education & Literacy

The information for this section was obtained from The Undergraduate Calendar 1995-1996. For more information on Environmental Studies Programs at the University of Waterloo please consult The Faculty of Environmental Studies Welcome Page. To see this section of the CEAR Questionnaire please Click here.

"The University of Waterloo is organized under a number of academic units which offer a variety of academic programs leading to degrees and diplomas at undergraduate and graduate levels. These units include:" (UW Undergraduate Calendar,1995)

Types of Programs Related to the Environment: Illustrated below are the programs offered by UW which are related to the broad subject of Environment.

Many of these programs must be taken in conjunction with a series of courses leading toward a particular degree.

Types of Environmental Studies Programs: Distinct, but not separate, from the programs listed above, UW has its own Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES). The FES is currently in it's 26th year. The FES consists of two departments and two schools:

Both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Environmental studies can be obtained through these programs.

Courses offered:In addition to the courses offered by the FES, courses with environmental content are offered by other disciplines at UW. A myriad of courses in the following subjects are offered:

Campus Environmental Issues: There exists a number of courses at UW that deal with issues effecting the campus environment. Specifically, ERS 285 - Greening the Campus uses the campus as a laboratory. For this course, students, staff, and faculty work together to evaluate the efficiency of various campus systems. For a history of this program, and a list of relevant student research projects, please see WATgreen.

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