The information for this section was obtained from Mark Murdoch of Food Services at the University of Waterloo. July, 1995. To review this section of the CEAR questionnaire Click Here.
Food Services Outlets: Operated by the University of Waterloo. This does not include the Grad House, Fed Hall, Bombshelter, University Club and the C&D outlets across campus. These outlets are not run by Food Services.

Campus Administration: Manages the operation, no contracter involved

Food Service Committee:

Food Services Purchasing: Food Services purchases from regional growers and food processors as much as possible. UW will pay up to 6% higher from the market price to purchase foods locally, 4% higher to purchase within the Region of Waterloo and up to 2% higher to purchase foods within the province of Ontario.

The university does purchase certified organically-grown produce when possible. In the case of beef, there is not enough organic beef to meet the university's requirements

Vegetarian Meals:
The food service operation does offer vegetarian meals on a regular basis

There have been surveys conducted to estimate the demand for vegetarian food on campus. The results of this survey were the following:

These statistics were consistent with most other universities.

Environmental Concerns: Food Services will favour companies that use reuseable containers and reduced packaging.

Programs: To date, there have not been any programs or events on campus that have highlighted the connection between diet and the environment.


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