Medical Waste

Medical Waste

The information for this section was obtained from Ian Fraser from Health and Safety.July, 1995. To review this section of the CEAR questionnaire Click Here.

Campus facilities which generate medical waste: Types of Medical Waste: Sharps, needles, packaging, animal waste

Quantity: UW generates 2 tons of medical waste a year. Over the past five years this number has dropped by about 1/4.

Disposal: The medical waste is transported by Laidlaw Biomedical to a waste incinerator in Gananoque, Ontario. All the waste is incinerated.

Cost: It costs approximately $4,000.00 to dispose of UW's medical waste in a year. Over the past five years these figures have been increasing.

Medical Waste Reduction: UW has not initiated a medical waste reduction program because most of the medical waste is considered to be non-recyclable.


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