Indoor Pest Control

Indoor Pest Control

The information for this section was obtained in June 1995 from Steve Cook of Purchasing, and Kevin Stuart of Health & Safety. Additional information on Pest Control at UW can be obtained from a recent WATgreen project: Indoor Pest Management. Unfortunately the issue of Outdoor Pest Control/Herbicide Use was not addressed in the CEAR questionnaire. Information on such issues does exist, however, in previous years' WATgreen projects: Click Here.
Indoor Pesticides Utilized: The following pesticides have previously been used indoors on campus (within Ring Road). This data was obtained through Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available from the UW Safety Office. There is no cumulative handle on quantities of pesticides used in a year. The information does exist in some form (ie. purchase orders, contractor billings etc.) but is not readily available. This information is kept up to date in inventory, however no specific total has ever been calculated.

Changes Made Within 5 Years: The quantities of pesticides used have either remained stagnant or decreased in the past five years. In the past, stronger poisons were used all at once, whereas weaker poisons are now used periodically and only when needed.

Indoor Pests - Types and Location: At UW, the most common areas of pest control are the student residences, the libraries, The Bookstore, and the many food service areas. The following pests have been controlled.

Pest Control Costs: The costs associated with indoor pest control vary according to the number of incidents in a year. For the 1994-95 fiscal year, both proactive and reactive services totalled approximately $15,000. Given no specific pest epidemics in a year, proactive services are approximately $14,000. Again, the costs have remained pretty much the same in the past 5 years.

The UW Integrated Indoor Pest Management Program: UW is considered to have an Integrated Indoor Pest Management Program. The Program is based on the presence of both proactive and reactive services for controlling pests. Two professional companies are used by UW, in addition to the first line of pest defence - UW Plant Operations. Plant Operations is contacted immediately following a reported pest problem. The Department of Custodial Services are in charge of maintaining a pest free environment within campus buildings. They use both traps, over the counter products, and preventative measures.

PCO Services Inc. have been employed by UW since 1990. PCO operates mostly on a proactive basis with the exception of their reactive program for Food Service Areas. This means that they monitor campus buildings and make recommendations for pest control. No actual spraying is used unless absolutely necessary.

Safeway Pest Control Services Inc. is the other company employed by UW. Safeway is contacted following a spontaneous or persisting problem, with the exception of Food Service Areas.

Regulations Governing Pest Control: The above procedures are regulated by certain legislation and Ministries.


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