Procurement Policies

Procurement Policies

The information for this section was obtained from Phyllis Nandakumar of Purchasing, Lloyd Ziegler of Plant Operations, Patty Cook of Waste Management, and Jeff Chalmers of Food Services. July, 1995. To review this section of the CEAR questionnaire Paper Consumption at the University of Waterloofor more information.

Food Services: Campus Food Services uses a combination of disposable plastic and paper products and washable dishes.

Wood Products: Tropical hardwoods are not as readily available for use as construction materials or furniture. Their use was more common in the 1970's. They are not used at UW as the focus is on buying first at the regional level, the provincial level and then at the national level. Normally, Walnut or Oak woods are used.

Promotion of Ecologically Sound Products: UW does not have a list of policies which govern the use of ecologically sound products. However the following programs have been introduced:

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