Research Activities

Research Activities

The information for this section was obtained from Berry Scott and Liz Vinnicomhe at the Institute of Research at the University of Waterloo. July, 1995. To review this section of the CEAR questionnaire Click Here.
Project Sponsors:
Research projects at the university are funded from a wide range of organizations and institutions. Departments at UW fund some as well as receiving grants and contracts with other universities, private firms and corporations and government funding such as NSERC, federal government departments such as Health and Welfare Canada, Agriculture Canada, CIDA, the City of Waterloo, Ministry of Health, etc.

Levels of Funding:
Levels can range anywhere between $0.00 to $1 000 000.00

Largest Research Projects (in terms of funding) These are listed in no particular order:

Research Projects to do with Toxics and Hazardous Waste:

Research Projects to do with Pollution Prevention or Hazardous Waste Reduction

Research Projects to do with Solid Waste:

Environmental Studies

  • Solid waste management

    Civil Engineering Department

  • Landfill designs reflecting reliability concerns
  • Biodegradable organic matter and ozonation by-products

    Other areas of Environmental Research include:


  • Inter-organizational systems for environmental planning and management
  • Environmental assessment, planning and development
  • Environmental politics: history of attitudes to nature
  • Ecology
  • Environmental and health planning
  • Eco-system integrity: self-organization of living systems
  • A conserver society and its implementation
  • Remote sensing of the environment
  • Development and environmental issues of the Third World
  • The future of work in a globalizing economy;social change strategies for a sustainable society
  • Natural resource managment
  • Conservation and management of water resources, stormwater management,and wetlands
  • Human ecological approach to land use, resources, and environment
  • Environmental management: parks and greenway planning and management
  • Sustainable forestry
  • Environmental Impact Assessment on forest resources
  • Ecological studies for parks and environmental significant areas
  • Community based sustainable development
  • The symbolic orders and the nature of the environment
  • Functional dynamics of wetland ecosystems
  • Environmental systems in buildings
  • Environmental perception and communication
  • Natural areas protection and management


  • Issues of sustainability for an urbanizing watershed
  • Environmental systems management
  • Role of woman in domestic energy systems in rural areas of India
  • Rural Development and sustainability


  • Landfill designs reflecting reliability concerns
  • Spatial dynamics, commuting demands and environmental impacts
  • Investment of biological stability of drinking water in treatment plants and distribution systems

    Department of Defense Contracts
    The university of Waterloo does not do classified military research but does do research with the arms of government. ie.Fire fighting training facilities with the department of National Defence, Design facilities to eliminate run off

    Department of Energy Contracts
    The university of Waterloo does not do classified energy research.


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