Wastewater and Storm Runoff

Wastewater and Storm Runoff

The information for this section was obtained from Brian Patten and Butch Voisin from the City of Waterloo, as well as Rick Zalagenas and Dave Churchill from Plant Operations - June 1995. To review this section of the CEAR questionnaire
  • Influent works
  • Grit removal
  • Primary settling
  • Aeration
  • Final Settling
  • Chlorination
  • Digestion Costs: In 1994 the average cost per month was $40,000.00

    Programs to reduce wastewater volume or toxicity:

    Reclaimed Water: Reclaimed water is not presently used on campus but such a system may be included in the future Environmental Science & Engineering building. Water from Laurel Creek, which passes through campus, is used for landscaping purposes. The campus storm water runoff is untreated.


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