The information for this section was obtained from Rick Zalagenas of plant Operations at the University of Waterloo. July, 1995. To review this section of the CEAR questionnaire Click Here.
Water Supply:As well as obtaining water from the city, the University also has 2 on campus pumps and several small wells

Regional Water Supply Concerns: The region does have concerns with the water supply. A hot dry season often leads to emergency water conservation programs which include restrictions for home owners in terms of water use

Water Consumption 1994-95:

Water Consumption per Capita:21 cubic metres (26,225 people)

Trend In Consumption (Past 5 Years):Water consumption varies considerably according to the weather. Although no study has been conducted to see what exactly is happening the Department of Plant Operations has indicated that water consumption has likely decreased due the the implementation of numerous water conservation programs at the infrastructural level.

Water Utility Cost 1994-95: $1,000,000

Trend In Cost (past 5 Years):Water cost has not fluctuated substantially

Outdoor Water Use:The amount of water use outdoors on campus is minimal due to the lack of an irrigation program. Only newly planted and newly sodded areas are irrigated. Water used for irrigation is taken from the Laurel Creek and Columbia Lake, thus eliminating the demand for irrigation water from the water utility. There is no program to monitor exactly how much water is used outdoors.

Water Conservation Program:The department of plant operations does not have a formalized water conservation program, however, efforts are being made to reduce the water demand of the University. Such efforts include:

Total Water Savings to Date:
The figures listed below are based on on a comparison between water costs before and after the installation of closed loop cooling systems which reuse cooling water instead of a one way flow system which only uses the water once for cooling and then expels it as waste water.


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