ERS 285: Greening The Campus, Spring 1995

The Enviro-Base Team: Conducting The Campus Environmental Audit Response*

Project Members Include:

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ABSTRACT: Greetings from The Enviro-Base Team ! We are a part of the "Greening the Campus" project here at UW, also known as WATgreen. We, The Enviro-Base Team, were given the task of completing a questionnaire entitled The Campus Environmental Audit Response (Smith, 1993). The questionnaire is 25 pages in length, and investigates a series of subsystems at a university campus. The questionnaire focuses on three main areas: Wastes & Hazards, Resources & Infrastructure, and The Business of Education. Through completion of the questionnaire, we were able to provide UW with its first environmentally centered database. The Campus Environmental Audit Response then serves as a baseline resource for the campus community. We hope that this resource is kept updated so that it can constantly be used by the community, students, faculty, and staff conducting research at UW.

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*Source: Campus Ecology by April A. Smith and The Student Environmental Action Coalition, 1993.

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