Transportation System

Students who Live on Campus and Drive to Class: These people are the individuals whose behaviour we wish to change.

Maintenance: Repairs the roads and parking lots on campus, and maintains some infrastructure.

The Parking Authority: Is in charge of vending parking permits, dictating lot maintenance and collecting fines. We worked with parking to come up with some recommendations to help eliminate micro-commuting.

Campus Police: These people give out parking fines and keep the peace. We view the police as a front line soldier in the battle to end micro-commuting because they have the ability to fine people.

WATgreen: Is an organization dedicated to making UW more sustainable. We are part of the WATgreen stakeholders by completeing this study in an attempt to make UW more sustainable.

UW Administration: This group is in charge of what happens on-campus. It is this group who we must show the unsustainable practice of micro-commuting to, in an attempt to convince them to stop it.