Limitations to the Audit

There some limitations to the study, the biggest of which is time. To be completely representative of the micro-commuting on campus the study should have been carried out over the entire academic year. However, the design of the course (ERS 285) does not allow for this because there are many required components to the study and the reality is that data collection takes place after reading week. This effectively cuts the available time in half.

Time among group members was also a problem. Our audit required that each parking lot be looked at twice per day for a number of days. However it was not feasible to audit everyday because of other constraints associated with the end of an academic term. As a result as many days as possible, including trial runs, were studied.

A minor limitation to the study was weather. Originally the plan called to assess weather as a factor in micro-commuting. The time of the study coincided with the end of winter and the beginning of spring. So, there is some sense of how temperature affected micro commuting. However, only one day contained any precipitation of any sort. Again, to get a complete sense of how weather affects micro commuting, the study should be carried out over an entire academic year. However, due to the time constraints of the course this was not the case.