Number of Micro-Commuters on Campus per Day

The following table clearly shows how many micro-commuters there are each day on-campus. The total number for each day is arrived at by adding the number of micro-commuters found that day to the number of micro-commuters found that evening. Then all of the totals were added up and divided by the number of days over which we carried out our study.

Number of Micro-Commuters per day        
Date Number of Micro-Commuters Found Daytime Audit Evening Audit  
18-Mar 120 65 55  
20-Mar 128 64 64  
24-Mar 129 68 61  
25-Mar 102 65 37  
26-Mar 80 57 23  
27-Mar 46 34 12  
Totals 605 353 252  
Average per day 101   Standard Deviation 30

Last Updated on 14/04/97
By ibp