Design Development

In this stage, the design team members will develop the system options outlined in the design brief report. three main groups will be involved.

Project Committee: A Project Committee will be established with participation by CANMET, any funding partner(s) and the proponent. The function of the Project Committee will be to interpret technical and management requirements and to provide a communications link between the proponents, local funding partners and CANMET.

Project Manager: CANMET will designate a project manager who will represent CANMET interests and record events throughout the development of the project. The project manager will represent CANMET on the Project Committee and will represent the committee's views to CANMET. The project manager will also assist the design team by providing access to specialized technical expertise available under the terms of an existing CANMET Standing Offer.

Intermediate Control Point: This Phase will contain an intermediate control point after the completion of the Schematic Design and the Design Development Report to allow for a rapid CANMET review. Assuming CANMET concurrence, the Phase will be completed with the preparation of contract documentation, including working drawings and specifications.

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