Project Definition

The goal of our ERS 285 project is to collect data on energy consumption in order to make a proposal to the planning committee regarding the new Environmental, Science and Engineering building. We will perform an energy audit of the Davis Centre in terms of total energy use per square meter as an example of a "not so energy efficient building". Also, our analysis of the Canada Trust and Kitchener City Hall buildings will provide examples of energy efficient technology. This data will be used in our third step of the study which involves a proposal to the board concerning the new building planned for the UW campus. We hope to encourage the administration to recognize this opportunity to incorporate energy efficient technology into the planning stages.

The main focus of the study will be on energy consumption and efficiency, concentrating upon heating, cooling and electricity. We must first determine who is going to use the building and for what it's purpose is going to be? Will the building be used for offices, labs lectures eating areas or other purposes? An evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of alternative heating and cooling systems which could be used and integrated will be performed. Electricity, in terms of lighting, will also be addressed.

To identify the best heating, cooling and electrical possibilities, a comparison will be carried out between the Davis Centre, Kitchener City Hall and the Canada Trust building in downtown Kitchener. Some key questions to be answered are: What policies, guidelines or mandates were created in order to facilitate the construction and design of these buildings? What minimum standards were set in the building design? Were ASHRAE/IES 90.1 (1989) or BEPAC standards considered or performed? Are environmental quality, resource conservation and impacts of energy use a priority? Also, we must determine quantitative data such as energy consumption per square meter.

In order to collect comparable and applicable data, we will perform an energy audit on the Davis Centre as well as collect data from contacts at Kitchener City Hall and the Oxford Development Group. Information will also be collected on the various soft energy alternatives available to the new building design committee.

Because it is an environmental building, our group feels it is necessary to research and take advantage of any alternatives that will not only save money, but will take UW further down the road to sustainability. This building could be a model of energy efficiency on campus and to the rest of the city. The Environmental, Science and Engineering building may one day provide education and inspiration for students who will continue to design and create in the future.


Dave Churchill - director of planning operations - ext. 2709

Dan Parent - architect - ext. 6726

John Greenhouse - professor - ext. 5374

Chris Ford - Kitchener City Hall

John Tellian - Oxford Development Group

Dave Sparling - BEPAC committee