Surplus Goods at U of W

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Welcome to the Surplus Group's Homepage! We are Environment and Resource Studies students at the University of Waterloo. In the summer of 1995, we embarked upon a project to further the goal of sustainability on campus by examining reuse and the flow of surplus goods. The project was part of the course ERS 285: Greening the Campus. Our objective was to evaluate Surplus Goods, a department on campus which redistributes campus-owned items by a number of means. We wanted to determine if Surpus Goods is functioning sustainably according to a set of criteria we drew up. These criteria are Use, Diversion, Awareness, and Accessibility. Our methodology for evaluation included a faculty/staff survey, a student survey, various interviews, and an audit of the Surplus records. After careful examination we concluded that Surplus Goods is functioning in a sustainable manner; however, there are areas which we recommend be improved.

Read on to find out more about Surplus at the Universtiy of Waterloo! Below is you will find the steps taken to complete our project, where you can click on each of the sections to learn about Surplus Goods in detail. In order to get a quick overview of our findings, take a look at our Presentation Handout. Enjoy!!