Science and Technical Equipment

This includes science or technical items in the university. For example lab equipment or equipment used for engineering classes.

Computer Equipment

This category includes all computers, computer parts or computer related equipment (i.e. computer manuals and programs).


Anything that was furniture was included in this category (i.e. desks, chairs, tables).

Office Supplies and Equipment

This category included all equipment used in an office. It did not however include office furniture such as desks or chairs. This was classified under furniture.

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends includes small items that do not fit in any other categories. For example light fixtures, cassettes. These items are usually small, cheap items that come in large quantities.


Items placed under miscellaneous did not fit in any of the four main categories, yet were of too great value to be placed under odds and ends. This consisted mainly of appliances and vehicles.