Faculty and Department or University Service Area that you work for_________________

Please circle your answers and feel free to provide any explanation you feel necessary

1. Are you aware of the surplus center on campus? YES-68% NO-32%

IF NO, skip to question 2

IF YES: Answers are percentages of those who answered "YES" to #1.

1a. How did you find out about it? Gazette, co-workers, by just being an employee of the University.

1b. Are you aware of the surplus center's quarterly sales that are open to the public?

YES-65% NO-35%

1c. Have you ever sent items to the surplus center on campus? YES-42% NO-58%


i) What items (please list all). Mainly computer Equipment and Office Furniture. Other items included lab equipment and appliances.

ii) How often do you send items to the surplus store

weekly-2% monthly-5% yearly33%

60% Have either never used it or have only used it once or twice since they have worked here.

1d. How often do you check the surplus center when you require an item?

always -12% greater than 50% of the time -9%

about 50% of the time -8% less than 50% of the time -18%

never -37%

16% Have only checked surplus once or twice.

1e. If you are aware of the surplus center and have chosen not to use it, why is this so?

-did not preceive that it would have what was needed

-not responsible for equipment purchases

-have never needed anything

-unaware of location, when sales are, or what they sell

-research equipment must be purchased new

-rather buy new items from outside

-sales are too crowded

-checked it once; equipment was so ill kept that intrest was lost

-always seem to miss sales

-only became aware of it yesterday

-it is all old and not very good

-not sure where it is

-not convenient

-like to buy new

-"I only buy new--I don't do garage sales either."

-unfamiliar with process

-never think of it

2. When you have a campus item (i.e. computer equipment, furniture) you don't use anymore, what do you do with it? (circle as many as apply)

If YES to # 1 If NO to #1

Send it to the Surplus Center 48% 7%

Take it home 0% 4%

Send it to the landfill 1% 2%

Leave it sitting 9% 24%

Give it to someone within your

department/area 46% 56%

Other(specify)______ 8% 24%

A few put an N/A here because they do not have authority in this area.

The remaining answers are givein in percentages of everyone who was surveyed.

3. How long, on average do the following items sit unused before you get rid of them?

3a. COMPUTER EQUIPMENT (printer, monitor, laptop etc...)

A week-12% One to six months-24%

Six months to a year-8% Longer than one year-15%

41% felt that this questin did not apply to them.

3b. FURNITURE (desk, chairs, tables)

A week-12% One to six months-30%

Six months to a year-5% Longer than one year-12%

41% felt that this question did not apply to them.

4. What is your preference when purchasing:


To acquire it used-6% To acquire it new-55% Indifferent-19%

20% felt that this question did not apply to them.


To acquire it used-20% To acquire it new-15% Indifferent-19%

46% felt that this question did not apply to them.

5. Do you have an e-mail account? YES-86% NO14%


5b. How often do you use/check your e-mail?

daily-92% every 2-3 days-7% weekly-1%

every 2-3 weeks-0% monthly-0% never-0%

6. Do you have access to the internet? YES-80% NO-20%


6a. How often do you use the internet?

daily-45% every 2-3 days-18% weekly-10%

every 2-3 weeks-7% monthly-10% never-10%