Aesthetics:    A branch of philosopy dealing with the principles of beauty and               tastefullness (Oxford Dictionary)

Biodiversity:    Variety of different species, genetic variability amoung individuals within each species, and variety of ecosystems (Miller, 1998)

Community:  A group of interacting plants and animals inhabiting a given area (Smith, 1993)

Coniferous: Leaves retain their foliage throughout the year (Smith, 1993)

Deciduous:  Leaves shed during a certain season. (Smith, 1993)

D.B.H. (Diameter at Breast Height): The length of a straight line passing from side to side through the centre of the trunk.

Ecological Integrity: The conditions and natural processes that generate and maintain biodiversity and allow evolutionary change as a key mechanism for adapting to changes in environmental conditions (Miller, 1998)

Ecosystem:  The biotic community and its abiotic environment functioning as a system (Smith, 1993)

Erosion: Process or group of processes by which loose or consolidated earth materials are dissolved, lossened, or worn away and removed from one place and deposited in another (Miller, 1998)

Exotic:  Species that migrate into an ecosystem or that are deliberately or accidentally introduced into an ecosystem by humans (Miller, 1998)

Foliage:  The leaves of a tree or plant (Oxford Dictionary)

Habitat:  Place where a plant or animal lives (Smith, 1993)

Microclimate:  Climate on a very local scale

Native: Species that normally live and thrive in a particular ecosystem (Miller, 1998)

Perenial:  Plant that can live for more than two years (Smith, 1993)

Species Diversity:  A measurement that relates the density of organisms of each type present in a habitat to the number of species in a habitat (Smith, 1993)

Sustainability:  Ability of a system to survive for some specified (finite) time (Miller, 1998)

Systems Perspective: The view that there is a collection of interdependent parts or subsystems enclosed within a defined boundary; the outside environment provides inputs and receives outputs transmitted to it by the system.