1.What is your gender?     Male     Female
2.What Faculty are you in?

        Applied Health Studies            Arts            Engineering
        Environmental Studies            Math            Science

 3. What Year Are You In?

            1                2                3                4                Graduate Student

4. Do you read the Imprint? Circle one.

        Weekly                                                A Few Times A Month
        Less Than Once A Month                 Never

5a. How do you usually dispose of the Imprint?
    Please rank in Order of Most Common method to least common method used.
    One being most common and four the least common.

    ____Recycle it                     ____Throw it in the garbage
    ____Return it to a Pile        ____ Other_______________
 b. Using your most common disposal method, why do you dispose of your Imprint in this way?
    Ease             Time                Do not think about it
    Concern for environment
6. Do you read an Imprint that someone else has read? Circle one.
    Usually             Occasionally             Never
 7. How often do you give an Imprint you have read to someone else? Circle One Always         Usually        Ocasionally         Never


8a. Were you aware that the Imprint is available on Internet? Circle one.

             Yes           No

 b. If yes, how often do you visit the site? Circle the one that fits best.

     Weekly         A few times a month        Less than once a month    Never
  c. If no, will you consider visiting the site now? Circle one

            Yes             No

d. If you do not frequently use the Internet site to read the Imprint why? Circle One.

        No access to a computer                     No time
        Prefer the actual newspaper               Other__________________________________