Coding the Survey

        The purpose of coding the survey is to analyze the information, so as to present the survey samples as a whole. There was a code sheet on Microsoft Excel, which included the following information about the survey. Each survey was separated into its respective section (eg. Geography students, Architecture staff/faculty etc.). They were then numbered and placed by section in the vertical column, nearest the left hand side of the spreadsheet. The next column had the name of the department (eg. ERS), so that we could compare the results from each department and examine differences in attitude/behaviour (if any) between them. Each question was coded with a number, so entry into the spreadsheet was easier and effective. A question like "If there is an item in the wrong recycling bin, will it be sorted out", had it's answers coded so that; no answer is (0), yes (1), no (2), and don't know (3). Analysis of the information then followed after the process of entering the data was completed.