Research Study Diagram


The research study diagram can be used as a tool in order to visualize the methodology of the project.  In order to determine which environmental issues needs to be addressed by the core actors, the study is separated in two parts; the interview phase and the survey phase.

The interview phase consists of key questions that are given to the core actors.  The green area on the diagram represents this phase.  The first question determines the participation of the core actors in the information process.  If the actor is not involved, then they are excluded from the study.  If they are involved, the actor proceeds to the second question that links them to the identified issues.  At that point, we will know what issues (noise, transportation, water conservation, energy conservation and efficiency and waste/recycling) correspond to what actor.  The next question will ask about the content of the information that was provided and what the actors wanted to get across to the residence’s students.  Which leads to a fourth question that asks about how the information was presented to the students. The final question provides our investigation by telling us if the actors have done a follow up about the information given out.

The yellow area of the diagram tells whether a follow up was done or not.  Following this answer, we will know if the core actors think that the information given made the students more knowledgeable or not.


The survey phase of our study begins with the red area of the diagram. This survey will be used to assess student knowledge on all issues: waste/recycling, noise, water conservation, transportation, and energy conservation. Questions will go to the fundamental and basic knowledge identified in the project definition. At this point, we will be able to compare the knowledge given to the students have to the knowledge that the students have.  We will also be able to determine if there are gaps in the environmental information process presented to the students at Ron Eydt Village.


The blue colour on the diagram represents the results from our study and the recommendations that will be addressed and cycled back into the system.

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