Worm Health is poor if the worms are not attached to the food, are on the sides or lid of the vermicomposter or if there is a lot of dead worms.  Worm Health is good if there are few worms on the food and some may be on the sides or lid of the vermicomposter.  Worm Health is excellent if the worms are all over the food and there are no deaths.

The soil should feel like a wrung out sponge.  If it is too wet it will feel like it is soaked with water.  If it is too dry it will feel crumbly.

Since not all offices had themometers the temperature of each office was measured as cold, warm or hot.  An office was cold if it felt chilly, and office was warm if it felt comfortable and office was hot if it was stuffy.

There was a small amount of organic waste if their was only a couple of things in the vermicomposter.  There was a medium amount if there was enough food in it and there was high amout if the vermicomposter was overloaded.