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Vermi-campaign Crew

Dear UW Faculty/Staff:

    Recently you have been contacted about participating in the Vermi-campaign Pilot Project.  This project is being conducted by students in ERS 285 under the supervision of Professor James Kay.  He can be reached at  Our goals for this project are to create awareness and educate people about vermicomposting and to implement a successful vermicomposting project in the UW offices in order to have a reduction of organic waste in UW waste stream.  Vermicomposting in the process of red wigglers eating and decomposing organic food that is put into the vermicomposter.  The final product of vermicomposting is a rich soil conditioner . Vermicomposting was chosen because we feel that the successful use of the vermicomposters in office areas would create an obvious reduction of food waste entering the waste stream. Also, vermicomposters are more convenient than conventional composters as you do not continually have to take the organic waste outside.  More importantly, they provide an interactive way to contribute to the environment on a small scale.

    By participating in the Vermi-campaign Project you would be implementing a vermicomposter in you office.  We will be holding a vermicomposting workshop in order to educate you and others about how to vermicompost, what to vermicompost and why vermicomposting is important.  We will also be educating about how to handle any problems that may arise with your vermicomposter.  We would be coming back twice a week for three weeks  to check on your vermicomposter and make sure that everything is going smoothly.  At the end of the three week period we will be asking you some questions about your vermicomposting experience.

    Any questions that you may have about our project or about vermicomposting, can be answered by checking out our web site at :
There you can e-mail us if you have any concerns or questions.

    This project has been reviewed by, and received ethics approval through , the Office of Human Research and Animal Care at the University of Waterloo.  If you have any questions about your participation in this study, please contact this office at 885-4567 Ext. 6005.

Thank you for your assistance with this project


Vermi-campaign crew
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