Vermi-campaign Pilot Project Consent Form 

    I agree to participate in the Vermi-campaign Project being conducted by Jen Eyers, Michelle Guitard, Rhonda Hambly, and Melissa Larion from ERS 285 under the supervision of Professor James Kay.  I have made a decision based on the information I have received in the Information Letter and have had the opportunity to receive any additional details I wanted about the study.
    As a participant in this study I realize that I will be attending the educational workshop, implementing a vermicomposter in my office, allowing the vermi-campaign crew to check my vermicomposter twice a week, and answering a brief follow up questionnaire at the end of the three week period.
    All information which I provide will be held in confidence and I will not be identified in the project, unless I am a contact person.  I understand that I may withdraw from the pilot project at any time.  I also understand that this project has been reviewed by and received ethics approval through the Office of Human Reasearch and Animal Care at the University of Waterloo and that I may contact this office if I have any concerns or questions about my participation in this study.

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Time of Day when vermi-campaign crew can check vermicomposter:

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