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Graduate Student Survey

 The survey is sent on the Chemistry Graduate Student e-mailing list as follows:

    We are second year environmental studies students in ERS 285 under the supervision of Professor Susan Wismer.  In order to
    investigate the working environment of the University of Waterloo, through the operations of the Environmental Safety Facility,
    Chemical Stores and the Safety Office, an independent project is under way.  In order to aid in the investigation, we would appreciate
    your assistance with this survey.

    Our purpose is to obtain information regarding the use and removal of hazardous wastes by students at the University.
        1.    Do you prepare hazardous substances for laboratory classes at UW?  [yes, no]
        2.    If 'yes' to question 1, check how often.
                once a month            [ ]
                once a week              [ ]
                several times a week  [ ]

        3.    Do you use hazardous substances for your own research at UW?  [yes, no]

        4.    If yes to question 3, check how often.
                once a month            [ ]
                once a week              [ ]
                several times a week  [ ]

        5.    If you purchase chemicals for your laboratory research, have you ever purchased re-cycled chemicals from ChemStores?

        6.     Have you participated in a safety training program applicable to handling and disposal of hazardous substances?  [yes, no]

        7.    If you are a demonstrator/TA for undergraduate laboratory classes at UW, please briefly explain safety measures you take to
                ensure that hazardous substances are disposed of properly.

        8.     Do you know about the Environmental Safety Facility and its operations?
                    If 'yes', please briefly explain.

            We thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey and sending it back.  This information will be kept in 100%
                confidentiality and the identity of the surveyees will not be made public.

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