The limitation that had the largest impact on our study was the fact that it was conducted during winter months. This affected our survey because more people drive in the winter than during other seasons and so the results may vary.
A second limitation was found in the survey question dealing with the shuttle system.  Respondents were asked if they would be interested in using the shuttles, but this did not tell us whether or not they would actually use it.
 Also, the survey was conducted in a period of eight days and thus limited the amount of information we were able to collect.  A longer study period and a larger sample size would be needed to obtain more accurate results.


The transportation system of the UW Campus is adequate in terms of accommodating the needs of those that use it.  Roads are in good condition and are maintained regularly.  During the period of our study, Ring Road was always clear of snow and safe to drive on.  There are also adequate measures taken to ensure that parking and student paths are cleared on a regular basis and are suitable for walking.

The K-W Transit system was not viewed as being highly efficient by survey respondents.  This was reflected by the low percentage of respondents who use the bus (7.7%).  The system appears to cater to those who drive.  People drive because it is more convenient and in some cases there are no easier ways for them to get to campus.

If the system is looked at from an environmental standpoint it is obvious that improvements need to be made.  Presently, people are almost encouraged to drive cars because of the abundance of parking availability and the low parking fees.  We feel that the university must take adequate initiatives to encourage people to use other modes of transportation.

Many of the problems that we have identified through our report have roots in our consumer society where people tend to have fixed ideas about transportation which are not sustainable by the standards we have outlined in our project.  Possibly the best way to mitigate transportation related problems would be through a paradigm shift.  Although this is not necessarily a practical solution, it is an ideal one.